Consulting & Licencing Services

TBS is equipped to provide the services in the following sections and sectors. We have affiliate professionals and officials who will assist you in this process. - Assessment & Advice - Quality Assurance - Documentation - Accreditation Consultation - Policies & Procedures - Matrix - Business Consulting - Training & Support - Application Process.

Our experts will provide the assistance in the application process and the documentation for the accreditation of UK Qualifications from the UK Approved Awarding Body. Based on the training requirements of the organisation we would be able to advise the appropriate awarding body suitable to your organisational needs. Some of the Awarding Bodies that we have referred and assisted institutions to gaining the accreditation are top in the game.

UK Healthcare Accreditation

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In order to provide services within in the Care Sector in any of the Healthcare disciplines such as: Dentistry, Nursing Home, Elderly Care Home, Healthcare Agency, Day Care Center, Learning Disability and Mental Healthcare. Our support will be providing assistance with the application, documentation and the accreditation process.

UK Academic Accreditation

British Accreditation can help provide your organisation a well needed lead in the field of educational excellence. We will support the Application & Documentation process for gaining affiliation from the UK Accrediting & Awarding Body. British qualification will help put your students in a position of advantage and will prove to be a foundation for their higher education overseas.

UK Organisational Accreditation

Organisations seeking excellence in the respective fields can be ascertained by confirming the best practices, quality standards and the capability of meeting the regulatory requirements through the accreditation with a British Accrediting body. We will be able to liaise and assist as intermediary to help achieve the organisational goals.

UK Licencing & Certifications

Any organisation willing to sponsor a student, an overseas worker would require a Sponsorship Licence. The Sponsorship Licence enables the Sponsor to track the details of the sponsored candidate. Our experts will help you with the Application, Documentation and the whole process of Licencing.